Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I get started?

Browse our product assortment and contact us to see what system we can customize based on the needs of your operation.

What is an FC-Extractor?

Systems and equipment for the extraction of substances such as natural oils, herbs, essences, fragrances.

The systems deliver superior products compared to conventional extraction processes in which you can lose some of the volatile components. The extract obtained with our technology is a pure and natural oil in which it’s molecular structure remains in tact due to our non-volatile methods.

The extractors in the FC series are calibrated to process HFC 134, in which under programmed conditions, is able to extract all the natural oils and volatile compounds of low molecular weight.

How should I maintain my equipment?

We recommend contacting us for regular maintenance if using models in the series intended for medium to large production. However, as a small team dedicated to providing the highest quality services, we welcome any inquiries and look forward assisting in the growth and development of any business regardless of scale or experience.