Timatic Extraction Equipment and Processes

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FC Extractor Models

Most extraction processes use high heat and/or high pressure to distill the oils of the plant. In doing so, essential qualities of the oil, the terpenes, are burned or blasted away, thus compromising the integrity of the oil. Unlike these common extraction processes, Timatic’s equipment and extraction process use low heat and low pressure resulting in purer oils of the highest quality, which are fully ready for creams, lotions, and vape pens.

Timatic extraction equipment uses tetrafluoroethane, HFC 134a, as the solvent for extraction. More traditional extraction processes use flammable, volatile solvents like Butane or Ethanol, or require extremely high pressure for the solvent to liquify. These processes often require expensive buildings or remodels that must meet federal and state building codes.

HFC 134a extractions use dry or fresh flower or trim and can be performed without any pre-treatment. Consistency of the extracted oil from batch to batch is controlled through a microprocessor, which can be programmed to control the parameters and variables of the extraction. Up to 99 programmed processes are possible with the Timatic microprocessor. The Timatic extraction processes and equipment are truly state of the art and produce a product of the highest quality.

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